Types Of Fragrances

People consume different types of foods. Today you might choose Chinese, the next day Italian. Understanding the various types of fragrances can help you in creating a collection of perfumes which contains different scents which are appropriate for the different occasions and moods.

One must learn about the perfume notes in order to come up or construct a collection of perfume. You need to understand how the different perfumes smell and determine the ones that you like. Sometimes it is also good to try a different fragrance other than the one that you enjoy most. This article is going to discuss the various types of fragrances and their characteristics.


This is one of the most popular fragrances. Rose notes are characterized by the honeyed and sweet smell. People have different interpretations about roses irrespective of their light and dark or airy opulent. The classical roses are known for being citrusy and bright whereas the modern roses have a strong, crisp amber scent. Additionally, roses can be combined with passion or grapefruit fruit. This combination has a zesty twist.


Moss, patchouli, and spices can also be blended with roses to produce a smoldering and a dramatic characteristic. This is a great rich amber scent which is a fragrance, especially for men.


These fragrances are worth examining for those people who love the rose notes. The carnation is laced with clove, pepper and jasmine-like notes all of which gives it a tendency to spicy and dry, unlike rose. Carnation is thus considered as a spicy and a dry floral. It is rarely used in today’s fragrances as most people consider carnation as an old-fashioned flower.


Lilac is a popular shrub which grows in the temperate zones. Lilac is adored and loved everywhere for unpretentiousness, lovely colors, purity and pleasant fragrance. Its flowers, when consumed, can also be used for stimulating the nervous system. This fragrance is known for bringing laughter, restoring joy and easing the pain.


It is regarded as one of the most important floral notes, especially in the classic perfumery. It is mainly used in bathroom cleaners and air fresheners. This fragrance has the same fascinating characteristics as the fresh rose.


This is preferred by those people who prefer the wispy and light rose. Generally, peonies are described as fresh and dewy, fruity and bright. It is mainly used as a replacement for the extravagant and heavier rose note.


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